David challenges, equips, and trains churches and the community to develop Christian Youth Mentoring programs for school-age boys and girls.  He works with youth that may be most challenged to provide opportunities and outings that build relationships with adult role models.  He coordinates one-to-one youth mentoring, weekly sports and discipleship activities, adventure outings, and trips to Christian camps and conferences.  David is an associate with the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring (CAYM).

  • Matching kids with mentors
  • Training mentors
  • Helping churches and schools
  • Organizing group activities

Networking with churches by:

  • Assisting churches in reaching at-risk children and families through mentoring
  • Presenting the challenge and vision to churches of student mentoring
  • Organizing adults to pray daily for students
  • Providing mentor training for interested adults

Networking with the community by:

  • Providing regular group activities for students and mentors
  • Developing a one-to-one intentional mentoring process for school age boys and girls
  • Identifying families that would most benefit from an adult mentor
  • Matching qualified mentors with students
  • Supervising and coaching the matches as a team
  • Helping students and families to be transformed by the power of God through one-to-one relationships with caring Christians
  • Making a difference… One Kid at a Time

Regional Partner of Christian Association of Youth Mentoring