David provides mentoring and discipleship for young men and businessmen in the marketplace and church community.  He coordinates weekly meetings that help connect men to God, other men, and local churches.  He also mentors young men and connects them with older male role models who can help them make godly choices in their daily lives.  David is an associate with the Discipleship Network of America (DNA).

  • Connecting with businessmen
  • Discipling men in small groups
  • Sharing life
  • Changing directions
  • Discipling Christian businessmen through one-to-one mentoring
  • Reaching men in a conversational, relational, application of Gods Word
  • Developing and organizing men’s groups that meet in the marketplace for Christian growth
  • Creating conversational opportunities that promotes accountability, discipleship and mentoring
  • Training men to reach other businessmen with the Gospel
  • Networking with pastors about this process and the opportunity to involve men from their church in this process

Field Staff Director of Discipleship Network of America (DNA)
Member of Christian Businessmen Connections (CBMC)