FCA March Madness Sports & Adventure Camp

A 15 year old boy said:
Mr David, I had an awesome time, this CAMP was just the right balance of fun and faith, the Christian life emphasis and fun !! I really enjoyed the dirt bike experience totally !

An Adult Mentor said:
Mr David , Praise the Lord the CAMP was a complete success. The activities flowed well, the team oriented stuff was great for our boys. The spiritual aspect was very effective and it was the right mix…The public reading of the scripture Saturday morning was one of the most powerful things I’ve been around lately. I believe the Lord honored His Word because we believed it was simply enough within itself

Our team of Christian Mentors and Coaches¬† from 10 churches and community groups were awesome to work with at FCA March Madness Camp held at the Piedmont Baptist Association in Greensboro, NC. They brought Boys ages 13 to 19 from challenged and fatherless families that have not attended a Christian Sports and Outdoor Adventure Camp. We enjoyed Great games and High energy activities…Great food…Great weather…Great facility…but most of all the Spirit of the Lord was among us mightily and God was honored. At the Bonfire Rally, in the Huddle Groups, The Group Reading of God’s Word, Prayer times, the Gym Rally, and in the Movie, God was honored and many hearts were challenged and responded to follow God. On Saturday afternoon 10 boys trusted Christ for the first time and 14 rededicated their lives to God. We were able to spend time with each boy in counseling with their commitment and decisions and also give each one a FCA New Testament.

We know God will use this event to give courage and confidence to boys, to enable and equip to men to be a mentor to challenged boys, and challenge churches to become a Youth Mentoring church.

Our sincere thanks for your prayers for and support of this event, Our God is faithful.

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Great News for Pastors and Christian Leaders…Boys Sports and Outdoor Adventure Camp

How about that boy…the youth…the teenager that you know in the community around you and your church?
Have you noticed the challenged youth and boys in our communities? and also in our churches?
Have you ever wondered if he knows what good clean fun really is?

Have you thought about the impact you could have on him and his family?
Have you considered that he would enjoy a special weekend…just getting away with other men and youth?
Have you thought about many of our fatherless boys and the struggles they face?

Boys in our communities and churches need role model and mentors…You can make and investment in their lives.
Boys from the community…you can invite…bring them with you…and participate in this special weekend.
Boys from your church and their friends…you can invite them…bring them with with you on this special weekend.

You and Boys you know…are invited to a Special Weekend of Sports and Outdoor Adventure

Dr Larry Doyle, Director of Missions and the Piedmont Baptist Association are sharing their facilities and Sports Complex at 2009 Sharpe Road in Greensboro, NC. for our FCA March Madness…Boys Sports and Outdoor Adventure Camp…March 4, 5, 2011.

This camp is a partnership with David Parsons a missionary with NAMB (North American Mission Board) and Damon Fogal of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and with you, your community and your church.

Register Now and Bring your group of boys…ages 13-19 to our Boys Sports and Outdoor¬† Adventure Camp
The cost for this camp is $20.00 for each person

Please See the attachments…print…read…share with others…return to me. Please call me with all your questions.

Connecting Youth to our God and His church