Prepare the Way Winston-Salem 2010

We were blessed to have this Men’s and Young Men’s weekend in Winston-Salem at host church Grace Baptist Temple.  A special thanks to each of you for your prayers and financial support, especially to the “Team of 30” for their support, input and hard work.
Great Food
  • 180 steaks (with onions and mushrooms)
  • Garlic mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, corn on the cob, hot rolls, sweet tea, and ice cream!
Great Participation
  • more than 25 churches represented
  • 180 men and young men aging from 11 to 81
  • powerful messages by Phil and Paul Downer
  • powerful music and hymns
Powerful testimonies
  • sports testimony by Miguel Viera
  • military testimony by Umberto Cantu
  • mentoring testimony by Stu Epperson Sr
  • final testimony by Zac Smith
  • forgiveness testimony by Reashard Norwood
Great Works of our God
  • 15 trusted Jesus Christ for the very first time
  • 40 re-dedicated lives to Christ
  • 150 men pledged to be more actively involved with discipleship
  • many men expressed the power of God touching their lives throughout the weekend conference
Men were challenged by 4 questions:
  • What do you need to confess to yourself and God that is wrong in your life?
  • What do you need to request prayer for in your life?
  • What topic do you most want to hear about this weekend?
  • What decision do you need to make with your life this weekend?
Great Benefits

  • Scholarship given to Winston Salem Street School staff and youth
  • Scholarship given to Youth Mentoring
  • Scholarship given to Winston Salem Rescue Mission staff and men

Register for Prepare The Way in Winston Salem, NC  on Eventbrite

We are partnering with area churches and individuals to host a weekend conference for men and young men.  The guest speakers are Phil Downer and his son Paul Downer with Discipleship Network of America.  It begins at 5pm on Friday, October 15 at Grace Baptist Temple in Winston-Salem, NC with a steak dinner and concludes the next day.  The cost is $15.  Please register now or learn more at If would like to help sponsor this event, you may make a tax-deductible contribution through the NAMB giving site by writing “Prepare the Way” in the Address Line 2.