Weekend Retreat at The Wilds

The Wilds Weekend with youth, future men and men…was truly a blessed weekend, a time of building relationships and new commitments to God. We had 16 in our group and 250 men in attendance…where we heard about Biblical manhood and dealing with anger, the title was “Turn Away Wrath”. Our group was made of five 15 year old youth, five 18 to 31 year old future men and six men…so that was a good group for accountability and mentoring. We are already seeing good results this week from this special weekend  that was well spent. Please pray for these guys as we connect them to our God…and His church.

I am truly grateful for your prayers for the further development of the mentoring ministries, and for the Lord’s provision of our ministry needs. Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we journey together in the opportunities that are provided by God.