Word of Life Camp


  • Safe journeys and traveling to and from Word of Life Youth Camps in Schroon Lake, New York…2,000 mile trip with 2 mini buses…33 youth and 14 adults
  • 5 of our boys trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…other boys and girls rededicated their lives and shared their decisions with us
  • 1 of the Senior High boys would like to attend the Word of life Bible Institute upon graduation this year, we have already talked to his dad about this opportunity…1 of the girls wants to work at the camp next year

Teens…Youth Camp…The Island
Busy days and lots of high energy activity…with events scheduled for each teen and for their cabin teams. Sunday Night was the initial salvation message for all the youth. Many youth responded and came forward to trust Jesus Christ…there were 500-600 in attendance. Each day after breakfast they had Quiet Time personal devotions, in their cabins…followed by either a worship service or a challenge about Christian Ethics…Christian Growth…Missions Emphasis
Our boys were privileged to have Jesus Carballo as their counselor…Jesus is one of our local guys that will be graduating from the
Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) this August…it has truly been a joy to walk beside him and watch him go to WOLBI and grow in his faith…Jesus plans to continue this journey by attending WOLBI in Argentina and seeking God’s leading in missions.

I watched in the Sunday night service as 4 of our teens went forward to trust Jesus Christ. We talked with them and will be working with them in discipleship as we meet regularly. Chris, one of our teens and I had good conversation about discipleship and he asked me to spend time in God’s word with him…he stated he would like to see if he could attend WOLBI next year…he is a senior at a local high school. Every day there were activities for them to enjoy soccer…swimming…water games…the zip line…basketball…beach party…ropes course…paintball… making new friends…and spending time with their counselors. Each night after supper they had continuing events…modern day prodigal drama…campfire….all star basketball championship…pep band/music…skits…all star soccer championship…drama…and testimonies. In the evening challenging speakers shared on topics from God’s word…purity…biblical foundations…missions…and life choices.

Pre Teens…Ranger Camp
Kenny, one of our youth, likes Ranger Camp.  The whole camp is like a western town with…horses…a sheriff…a marshal…farm animals…western style stores…ranch hands and 200-300 campers and concludes with a Rodeo. Ranger camp is located on the mainland side of Schroon Lake so they enjoy the lake…and all the beach activities…Beach Party and Cookout…as well as the infamous Mudpit. The Ranger Puppet Team…Jeremy the Illusionist…splashball…sports championship night…are things that make this week special to each of these youth. Pink and Blue night is a night that they separate these boys and girls and talk about issues that are affecting these youth in our culture. At Ranger camp Kenny came to me and said “Mr Parsons, I passed my swimming test” and he had the colored arm band to prove it. One of the biggest events at the Ranger Camp is the Friday Night Rodeo…I do mean…Big Time…with horses…roping steers…barrel racing…clowns…gospel presentation…with a huge crowd…and good country bluegrass music. Kenny, came up to me on Thursday and said, “Mr Parsons, I got saved last night at the rally” so we sat and talked about the decision and commitment he has made to trust Jesus Christ. Kenny and I have been friends for along time. It is good to see him make this commitment.
I am grateful for your prayers for the further development of the mentoring ministries, and for the Lord’s provision of our ministry needs. Please visit  www.DavidParsons.org for more information on our ministry. Thank you for joining us in prayer and financial support for this life changing experience for these students and for being a partner in what God is doing in the lives of the youth of our city…one kid at a time.

Hello from New York!

YES…Praise the Lord…we all arrived safely…ready for a week at Word of Life Camps in Schroon lake, New York.

  • We had two mini buses that a church loaned us for this trip…33 youth…4th grade through 12th grade…plus 14 adults…safe trip
  • We departed from Winston Salem on Friday 8pm….drove all night switching drivers as needed…and arrived Saturday afternoon 1pm
  • We registered the younger campers for the Ranch…Teen campers for the Island and they will be at camp until 9am Saturday, July 25…when we will depart for Winston Salem

YES…Brethren pray for us

  • We are expecting great things in these students lives this week…One of our guys trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior last week and this is exciting
  • That youth will make good friends…listen to counselors…have tons of fun…respond to the Spirit of God…grow in understanding and Knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • That youth will return home determined to be discipled…obeying their parents..faithful in worship…abiding daily in the Word

I would be grateful for your prayers for the further development of the mentoring ministries, and for the Lord’s provision of our ministry needs. Thank you for joining us in prayer and support for this life changing experience for these students. Thank You for being a partner in what God is doing in the lives of the youth of our city…one kid at a time.