What is a Youth Mentor?

A mentor is a caring adult who intentionally spends time with one student, in order to help them become the person God intended them to be.

A mentor is a… Friend… Coach… Teacher… Role model…

A mentor is not a… Parent… Professional counselor… Peer… Tutor…

A mentor helps…

  • By listening and asking questions to draw out the student
  • By encouraging and giving positive feedback
  • By looking for resources
  • By being an advocate for the student
  • By being an adult who can be trusted
  • By challenging behavior that has negative consequences
  • By being honest and open about who they are
  • By helping students to make wise choices
  • By teaching the student about God and the Bible

Mentoring: You Can Do It!

God can use you in the life of a student. Over the past few decades, thousands of needy students and parents have been matched with caring Christians adults like you. Every faithful volunteer has given their student something irreplaceable…the love of God through their life and words.